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The international commercial investment holding EWT GROUP is pleased to welcome you to its official website.

If you are interested in the following issues : energy-saving, construction and engineering technologies ; economical extension on markets of the EU, Asia and countries of the post -Soviet space ; import of goods and services directly from European and Asian producers and companies ; development of the infrastructure of regional airports ; business aviation ; IT technologies – you are on the right path !

We wish you good luck remaining by your side.

Into the future…

Delivery, assemblage and after sales service of domestic and industrial cooling, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, energy-saving systems (heat pumps, wind power plants, solar systems). Projecting and complex engineering services in the area of air-conditioning, ventilation and heating of big administrative units. Realization of « Project Manager » services in the framework of investment projects aiming for upgrading of old factories and for construction of new ones.
Projecting, delivery, installation of domestic engineering systems and of “intelligent house” systems;
In the framework of common projects with the unit EWT DEVELOPMENT the company ensures the full delivery of equipment for energy-saving Post & Beam turnkey houses: installation of engineering, conditioning and energy-saving systems, home cinema systems, and “intelligent house” systems.

Infrastructure development for minor regional airports in EU and CIS. Development of small aircraft system and business aviation, sales and lease of new and secondhand jet planes. Storage and maintenance of jet planes. Business aviation services.

Drop-shipments from factories of: construction equipment, technological and medical equipment, climate-control and energy-saving equipment, consumer products, clothes, food and alcohol. Lobbying services for the CIS importers in the EU and Asian countries. Working out of leasing schemes, technical repair of second-hand equipment, delivery upon request of exclusive products, sale of equipment and merchandise from our own warehouses in the UE.

Exclusive and optional business services for corporate and individual clients. Financial engineering, development of financial framework, methods and programs of funding projects in the CIS countries. Providing comprehensive services to commercial entities of West Europe and CIS in the sphere of internal economic, investment, legal, tax and marketing consulting; implementation of business immigration programs for entrepreneurs to leading EU countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy), the U.S. and Great Britain; assistance in obtaining residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship.

Software, applications and client-server systems development; company websites design and development. Comprehensive automation of companies; information technologies support.

Investment in energy-saving construction technologies, manufacture and construction of low-rise individual energy-saving housing and commercial premises according to German advanced technology. Elaboration and realization of development projects in Germany and France.