EWT Avia

The unit EWT AVIA forms part of the holding structure EWT GROUP CO.

Beginning of the activity: 2006.

Region of the activity:  Germany.

Reference: Successful development and sale of the Airport Berlin-Neuhardenberg. 37 sales of business planes.

Specialization: Development of the infrastructure of small regional airports in the EU and the CIS. Development of minor business aviation, sale, leasing of new and second hand Jet planes. Storage and maintenance of Jet planes. Business aviation services. Distribution of aviation equipment from western producers in the CIS.  

Initially the unit was created as a logistic unit and was one of the logistic projects of EWT TRADING, but after having purchased the airport in Germany, having developed it and having realized on its basis different investment projects related to business aviation, in 2006 we decided to transform the project into an independent structure named EWT  AVIA.

Today we are co-owners of the Strausberg Airport and besides the development of the airport infrastructure we are engaged in servicing and selling of business planes. We also offer services of business aviation in close collaboration with one of our long-standing partners the group NET JET.