EWT Development

The construction unit EWT DEVELOPMENT forms part of the holding structure EWT GROUP CO.

Beginning of the activity:  2005.

Regions of the activity: Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain.

Reference: more than 300 realized projects;

Specialization: Investment in energy-saving construction technologies, manufacture and construction of low-rise individual energy-saving housing and commercial premises according to German advanced technology. Elaboration and realization of development projects in Germany and France.

Today the company possesses its own scientific research unit which carries out its own developments in the area of advanced Post & Beam construction technologies, the company also possesses its own factories manufacturing frame housing elements in Germany and in Ukraine. The company is also actively involved in low-rise housing in Germany and in France.

The collaboration with EWT ENGEENIRING and EWT TRADING lets the company deliver full equipment for turnkey constructions including: installation of engineering, air-conditioning and energy-saving systems, home cinema systems, “intelligent house” systems, interior design, furniture, household appliances, electronics, décor elements, landscape.