EWT Trading

The commercial unit EWT TRAIDING forms part of the holding structure EWT GROUP CO.

Beginning of the activity: 1996.

Regions of the activity: countries of the EU, the Middle East, Asia and the CIS.

Reference: an assured open access to the CIS market for more than 200 trademarks of European and Asian producers.

Specialization: Drop-shipments from factories of: construction equipment, technological and medical equipment, climate-control and energy-saving equipment, consumer products, clothes, food and alcohol. Lobbying services for the CIS importers in the EU and Asian countries.  Working out of leasing schemes, technical repair of second-hand equipment, delivery upon request of exclusive products, sale of equipment and merchandise from our own warehouses in the UE.

The EWT company was one of the pioneers in organization of drop-shipments to the CIS big markets of high-tech engineering systems, household appliances and electronics of the following notorious Chinese and Japanese brands : MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA, NEC, PIONNER, DAIKIN, HITACHI, TCL, HAIER, MIDEA which let the company establish solid relationships at the governmental level on the market of China and Japan. We had provided support and lobbying services in China for numerous new brands of household appliances and climate-control equipment which became famous on the actual CIS market.

Opening of a representation in Germany in 2004 and in France in 2010. Realization of a number of big investment projects in the EU gave the company a possibility to build serious relationships with producers from the UE as well.

The company realized a number of investment projects in Moldavia in the area of energy-saving equipment, household appliances and electronics (creation of a wholesale and retail network under the trademark TECHNO LEADER, opening of a chain store PIONEER, a showroom of Hi-Fi technologies and engineering systems of the BORG house).

In the framework of common projects with the units EWT DEVELOPMENT et EWT ENGINNERING  the company provides a full range of equipment for energy-saving Post & Beam turnkey houses (household appliances, electronics, furniture, décor elements). Our unit also takes orders for upscale furniture and household equipment.

If you have issues with your exporter, if you are not satisfied with quantities, price, delivery scheme, please, feel free to contact us and we will help you. Our access to Western European private business clubs gives us a possibility to solve problems directly with owners of the factories.