Our scheme of collaboration

Everything is quite easy. Read attentively the information presented on the website, formulate your principal questions regarding collaboration perspectives with our company. Our website is sufficiently informative. Of course, we can’t answer all questions on the website, here you can find only crucial information but we hope, that it will be enough to let you make your decision without any pressure and understand what you really want and how exactly we can help you.

Indicate precisely your wish and goals and send it to us to our e-mail address. Specialists from our analytic and informative center will analyze the received information, will send it to an appropriate department for treatment and will provide you within the shortest period of time with preliminary free information.
This preliminary information will help you not only understand if your ideas are feasible but also find a solution for your particular issue if it’s within the competences of our company. The provided information will also help you compare forthcoming expenses relating to organization and realization of your goal with your real capabilities.

Anyway, regardless of the complicacy of defined task we are ready to work out for you the most efficient and the least costly mechanism to achieve your goal. Taking into account a great number of services provided as well as of our clients’ requests for the more detailed and confidential information we invite you in our head office in Paris or in our representative offices.

Remember, the more precise is your « Technical task » the more precise will be our « Commercial offer » to you.

Prices for services

It should be noted that within the framework of our professional activity we follow a golden rule of the Dutch school : Business becomes efficient and cost-effective if it brings satisfaction to both parties.  

EWT GROUP is a commercial structure which means that our ongoing or accomplished services are paid. The first consultation with our specialists is free, the further consultations are paid. In case of conclusion of a contract for the provision of services, the cost of the second consultation is included in the global cost of the contract.
We don’t have a price-list because each order is individual for us. The final price is fixed only after settling all details of the assigned task.

Given our long list of services provided and its peculiarities before conclusion of an agreement we always discuss with our clients approximate time lines and financial terms related to realization of the task. Usually we require a 50% advanced payment but in certain cases the advanced payment can be lower or higher than the defined rate. It depends on the complicacy of the assigned task. Depending on the nature of the assigned task the payment can be carried out in several stages.

If it’s a question of organization of business immigration or purchasing of Real estate abroad our company can provide an exclusive support in obtaining a credit in a European bank up to 3.000.000 EUR for the maximum period of 25 years. All details and terms concerning the credit are to be discussed with each client individually.
As for financing of projects in the CIS, namely requests of an investment or a bank credit in a European bank our company, on certain conditions, may become a financial guarantor or a mortgager in the EU.

Finally, we would like to highlight that regardless of a service we provide, we are always ready to present to our clients not only the most interesting commercial offers but also the most optimal ways to finance these offers.